Monday, May 24, 2010

KITES may fail to impress international audiences

Beautiful looking starrers (Greek god Hrithik Roshan and Uruguayan princess Barbara Mori) and a good-looking supporting cast (Kabir Bedi, Kangna Ranaut), lots of action, a bit of imaginary chilli pepper sprinkled here in the form of Mexican "andele, andele!" and another dash of luxury or US Western locations there and you've got a mindblowing worlwide hit, right?

Well... Sorry to say... No.
'Kites' is likely to be a let down, particularly for Latin American and American audiences who will likely be fed a film that does not really take the trouble to appeal to their cultural sensitivity. A film that focuses on Hrithik Roshan but fails to duly bring forward his talent by an evident lack of script/story will certainly make ladies drool and men make summer resolutions to hit the gym but possibly not much else. READ MORE >>


  1. If this is made with the international audience in mind, they shall reject because they have seen such scenes, chases, stunts in umpteen number of movies before. As far the story......well the story, the heart is missing!

  2. Hi S.R. Ayyangar
    I agree with you. I also think that India needs to come forward with an original proposal to please international audiences. To me that also comes with a tight script. It is no surprise that Lagaan for example is one of the most appreciated films coming from India. It had story, subtlety and originality.

  3. Hi,Guys i also agree with you all.Becoz i think present bollywood movies are not so heart filling one.They do not use pure indian culture only want to capture hollywood style and i think they do not know that we have 75% vilages in our country and mostly these people got to watch the movie. and finally when they watch an unfamilier feeling in bollywood movie.which does'nt give bollywood feel, song rythym ,pure hindi langauage,remembrable hindi dialouges.They think these are made for only for metro cities people.Becoz it does not happen in our other parts of the country.Most of the people of india do not speek english except metro cities people.But Directer should think abt 75% people who want a real hindi bollywood movie with cultural feeling.


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