Saturday, July 28, 2012


Post by: Narendra Kusnur
The Hindi Cinema Blog would like to thank Narendra Kusnur for accepting to have his article, celebrating Rajesh Khanna's life, talent and career, featured in our blog. Narendra is passionate about music and has turned his passion into his activity through music journalism and handling music projects for important labels in India. He writes informative and clever musings on Indian and international music at Kaansen Kalling and we music buffs at HCB continuously learn from him. It is a true pleasure to feature your thoughtful tribute to Rajesh Khanna, Narendra!
Ten days after leaving Mother Earth, Rajesh Khanna is wondering how he will settle in Paradise, when he is escorted to a door marked ‘Hindi Film Superstars’. It is one of many rooms given to newcomers based on their achievements in life. There, residents are allowed to spend exactly a year, before they move to a larger place called ‘Super Heaven’.
Before knocking the door, Khanna is very keen to visit the neighbouring room called ‘Musicians’, where Mehdi Hassan, Bhupen Hazarika and Jagjit Singh are rehearsing a song, composed by Ravi and featuring Sultan Khan on sarangi. But the director-general of Paradise insists that he can only enter the ‘Hindi Film Superstars’ room.

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